Legal Toolkit Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

What to Do About Workers' Compensation


If you are injured while at work, immediately inform your employer about the injury, privately noting any witnesses and the circumstances around the injury and request a copy of the accident report.Employees are requred to provide notice of an injury within 120 days.


Seek immediate medical attention for your injury or disease and keep copies of any treatment, diagnoses, and forms filled out by the healthcare professional. Keep in mind that to have your medical expenses covered by Workers' Compensation you may be required to see a panel physician. First seek the list of panel doctors from your employer. If they do not have a list of at least 6 providers, you should be able to choose your own physician.


Seek a worker’s compensation attorney to navigate the specific details of your case and help obtain the best result for you. Employers and insurance companies always have legal counsel. By not retaining your own attorney you may put yourself at a significant disadvantage.


Follow the medical advice of your Primary Treating Physician and keep current with your treatment.